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Borland Software Corporation is a software company that facilitates software deployment projects. Borland was first headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, then in Cupertino, California, and now in Austin, Texas. It is now a Micro Focus International subsidiary.

Project Details

In 2008, Borland planned a three-day sales conference in Las Vegas to kick off its upcoming fiscal year and to announce the winners of their annual President’s Club.  

The 400 attendees included the company’s global sales associates as well as some of the organizations key VIPs, partners, and customers. The conference agenda included general sessions, breakouts, team-building activities, and special events including a formal awards gala and dinner.

How We Supported The Vision

The event faced a huge challenge before it even took place; just two months before the conference, the company announced a major layoff that impacted almost half the anticipated attendees. This major drop in attendance had serious implications on the event, particularly the hotel room block attrition, food & beverage attrition, and the overall mood of the conference.

To overcome these obstacles, Occasions, Inc. worked tirelessly and closely with Borland's management and the venue. OI negotiated a fair attrition rate with the hotel and adjusted the food and beverage guarantees, significantly reducing the client’s financial exposure. In addition, to overcome the anticipated lowered morale of attendees, OI prioritized the quality of entertainment and customer service. OI took special care to provide excellent responsiveness during the registration phase, a dedicated 24/7 onsite hospitality desk, nightly amenity gifts for the attendees, additional staffing, and fun, interactive activities. OI’s efforts aimed to and succeeded in creating a concierge-style experience.

OI’s transformative services resulted in a high-energy event that was praised by attendees and the company’s senior-level management as “the most successful sales kick-off ever!”


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