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  • Mary Windham

Creating Events for Different Personality Types

From the Desk of Mary

Event Manager - Entrepreneur - Adventurer

Extroverts often love events! They’re great opportunities to network, meet new people, and engage with diverse people from all different backgrounds. For introverts, though, it might be less exciting to walk into a room full of people you don’t know. 

As an event planner or business owner, there are lots of ways you can create a memorable and engaging experience for everyone. By providing different types of spaces and activities for different personality types (introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts), you’ll be able to create an event everyone will enjoy. 

Here are a few easy ways to get all kinds of personality types engaged in your event:


Create Quiet Spaces for Retreat

Designate a cozy corner or lounge area where introverted attendees can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the event. Provide comfortable seating, dim lighting, charging stations, and perhaps some soothing background music to facilitate relaxation and recharge.

Offer Thoughtful Icebreakers

Instead of traditional icebreaker games that may feel overwhelming for introverts, opt for more low-key activities such as "thought-provoking questions" or "interest-based discussions." Encourage small group conversations where introverts can comfortably share their thoughts and ideas, or allow them to journal individually and then come to the space ready to learn. 

Use Technology for Interaction

Incorporate interactive elements like live polls, Q&A sessions, or virtual networking opportunities using event apps or online platforms. This allows introverted participants to engage at their own pace and comfort level without feeling pressured to speak in front of a large group.


Encourage Group Activities and Networking

Plan interactive group activities, team-building exercises, or networking games that encourage extroverts to connect with others and showcase their social skills. Offer opportunities for lively discussions and collaboration to energize extroverted attendees.

Feature Live Performances or Entertainment

Arrange live music performances, comedy acts, or interactive entertainment that appeals to extroverts' love for excitement and social interaction. Create a vibrant atmosphere that encourages dancing, mingling, and spontaneous interactions.

Facilitate Open Mic or Storytelling Sessions

Provide a platform for extroverted individuals to share their stories, experiences, or talents through open mic sessions or storytelling workshops. Encourage them to express themselves creatively and captivate the audience with their engaging narratives.


Combination of introverts and extroverts

Offer Flexible Engagement Options

Provide a variety of engagement opportunities that cater to both introverted and extroverted preferences. Offer a mix of structured activities, such as workshops or panel discussions, as well as unstructured time for casual networking or individual exploration.

Implement Hybrid Event Formats

Host hybrid events that combine in-person and virtual components, allowing ambiverts to choose their preferred mode of participation. Offer live streaming of sessions, virtual breakout rooms, and online chat forums to accommodate diverse engagement styles.

Facilitate Balanced Group Dynamics

Organize group activities or discussions that promote inclusive participation and equal contribution from both introverted and extroverted attendees. Encourage active listening, respectful communication, and appreciation for different communication styles.

Everyone should feel welcomed and valued at events. By recognizing and accommodating diverse personality preferences, event organizers can create inclusive and engaging experiences that resonate with all attendees. 

Are you looking to host a unique, all inclusive event, but aren’t sure where to start? Let’s connect today! With our decades of experience, Occasions, Inc. is sure to make your vision come to life. We can’t wait to work together!


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