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  • Mary Windham

New Year Business Planning

From the Desk of Mary

Event Manager - Entrepreneur - Adventurer

Can you believe 2023 is almost done? As we finish up our holiday parties and say goodbye to the last year, we’re already planning for the year ahead. Here's what we’ll be doing to get Occasions Inc. ready for 2024, and some ideas for how you can make sure your business is set to have its best year yet!

Review and Learn

We’ll be taking a moment to rewind and reflect on the past year. What worked like a charm, and what could use a bit of a makeover? Our OI team will be digging into the feedback from clients, vendors, and our team to figure out where we can improve in the coming year.

Goal Setting

The new year is a great time to set achievable, clear goals for business. We are always looking for ways to expand our client base, organize more epic events, and dive into new niches, so we’ll break these goals into smaller, doable steps, and start making them happen.

Be Tech Savvy

OI always stays in the loop with the coolest tech and trends in the industry. We’ll be reviewing our event management software, virtual event platforms, and social media tricks to make our lives easier, our events more organized, and keep more money in our - and our client’s - pockets.

Show Some Love

Our clients are the real VIPs! We’ll be thinking up ways we can show them our appreciation and improve our communication. OI’s goal is always to provide stellar customer service by understanding what they need and delivering above and beyond expectations.


We’re committed to our planet. OI is always thinking about ways to cut down on waste, use sustainable materials, and researching vendors who are also thoughtful about sustainability. 

Spice Up Marketing

OI will also be starting the year with a review of our social media, web content, and analytics. We want to showcase our decades of experience and improve the ways we’re reaching people in our community. 

Money Matters

We’ll be talking dollars and sense. OI takes this time of year to review last year's finances and plan out a budget that's realistic, saving money without compromising the quality of your events (which saves our clients money, too)!

Rolling with the Punches

After decades of event planning, we know this industry can be wild and unpredictable. We’ll recommit to staying flexible, adapting to challenges that arise, and providing the best possible events for our clients. 

Create Connections

Building relationships in the event planning industry is the key to success. So we’ll be looking for opportunities to network and collaborate with other planners, vendors, and venues. More connections mean more opportunities!

We can’t wait to see what next year has in store! If you’re looking for help planning your next event, Occasion’s Inc has decades of experience and top notch customer service to make your 2024 events your best yet. Contact us today!


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