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KoBE offers expert consultation services to assist building small businesses in their objective to create mutually beneficial relationships with the U.S. Government, the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. To streamline this process, KoBE has organized the necessary developmental factors into three distinct functional areas: Government Procurement Advocacy, Cross-Industry Networking, and Information Dispersion.

Project Details

KoBe is a non-profit organization and small business incubator that helps small businesses grow successfully within the public sector. As part of their continued growth, KoBe hosted bi-monthy dinner meetings that included Lt. Governors, Federal Government Deputy Secretaries, Foreign Secretaries, and senior executives representing small businesses.

How We Supported The Vision

OI personnel provided a variety of logistical support services for six of these bimonthly meetings, with up to 100 participants each, between 2016 and 2018. OI event management services included site selection and negotiation; website design and maintenance; registration management; food and beverage management; event marketing and advertising; audiovisual support; agenda and collateral development; speaker and exhibitor recruitment; onsite support; budget management; and reconciliation of final invoices.

The meetings produced new ideas, planning, and strategies for growth. Due to OI’s professionalism and expertise, attendees enjoyed themselves while remaining productive and focused on the needs of small businesses.


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