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  • Mary Windham

7 Easy Virtual Holiday Activities

From the Desk of Mary

Event Manager - Entrepreneur - Adventurer

It's not too late! Don't skip the holiday party this year just because it can't be in person. It's important to bring your team together at the end of a difficult year and throwing a virtual event has never been easier. With these fun holiday party ideas your team will still be talking about how great the party was well in 2021.

Scavenger Hunt

Something cinnamon? A Santa hat? Favorite gift from a past year? Ugly sweater? Odds are, most of your team will have numerous holiday items hiding somewhere in their house. Put a timer on it and set them loose!

Trivia Contest

Design a holiday or company-themed trivia challenge with fun prizes for individuals or teams. There are numerous templates and online resources that make developing these questions a breeze.

Holiday Party Bingo

Having a couple passive activities are always key for keeping participants engaged throughout the event. Easy party bingo with squares like, “pets in holiday photos,” or “has finished all their Christmas shopping,” will keep your staff engaged for a chance to win a prize!

Ugly Sweater Contest

Take the traditional ugly sweater contest online with a virtual vote. Online polling is easy with options available in your video chat or using free services such as SurveyMonkey or Typeform. Reveal the winner at the end and take a victory screenshot for your company newsletter.

Decorating Contest

Whether your preferred canvas is baked goods, Christmas trees, or your own work space, get your team in the creative mindset with a decorating contest! Want to one-up this idea? Schedule a short holiday baking or art class so your team learns something new!

Lip Sync or Caroling

‘Tis the season for Mariah Carey and Michael Buble! Liven up your event with music breaks, caroling, or a quick lip syncing competition. This is a perfect chance to be silly, have some laughs, and capture fun action shots.

Company Card

Snap a screenshot of the group together in the “gallery” mode of Zoom or whichever platform you’re using. Coordinate with costumes, themed backgrounds, or silly expressions! Share the photo with the team and in the company’s marketing materials.

The possibilities are endless! Whether your event is half an hour or half the day, there are many ways to create a festive holiday affair that will warm your employees’ hearts. If you’d prefer someone else to steer the sleigh, Occasions, Inc. offers full hosting services that will take care of every detail, down to the gingerbread crumbs. Email now so we can bring your 2020 holiday party to life!

What is your favorite holiday activity? Tell us in the comments below or follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


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