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  • Mary Windham

8 Qualities to Look For in an Event Planner

From the Desk of Mary

Event Manager - Entrepreneur - Adventurer

When looking for help in specialized areas, sometimes it’s hard to know if we’re getting a good deal or being hoodwinked. Event planning is no different. In fact, it could be far worse to find out too late that you hired the wrong event planner as the event begins to unravel around you.

Fortunately, you’re in luck! Occasions, Inc. wants to share some industry knowledge. After over 20 years in event planning - working closely with clients, managing obstacles, and bringing about success - we’d like to give you the secret recipe for the perfect event planner:

1. Performance

They shouldn’t just be established in the field; the perfect event planner should be experienced with your type of event. Request 3 similar projects within the past 3-5 years to ensure they have the capability to handle your unique details and challenges. Additional case studies never hurt, but make sure they have work that’s close to your project.

2. Reputation

Check at least 3 references to get good insight on their work ethics and performance. It’s important that any company you work with have a good standing in their industry and region. If a planner has a poor reputation or struggles to give you references, there’s probably a reason.

3. Rapport

You need someone you can work closely with, who understands your vision and communicates effectively. Unfortunately, some personalities just don’t work well together and that can have drastic consequences down the road. It doesn’t matter how experienced someone is - trust your gut and pull the plug early if it doesn’t feel right.

4. Responsiveness

Good event planners are on top of their game. They respond quickly and effectively and behave as an integral part of your team, up to and including the event day. As details change, you need someone who’s dynamic and responsive as well.

5. Resourcefulness

A solid background in the field will give a good event planner an array of partners and resources they can access. Beyond that, a good event planner should also be able to pivot as changes arise, think creatively, and devise new solutions to unique problems.

6. Collaboration

It’s one thing for an event planner to understand your requirements and start checking off boxes. It’s another to engage with your ideas, provide feedback, and work in collaboration with you to plan the perfect event. A forward-thinking event planner will contribute to and enhance your vision.

7. Technology

Today, you need an event planner who’s tapping into the best and most effective technology to get the most out of your event. Planners should be keeping up with event technology and using modern software in their event planning and execution.

5. Website

One of the key elements of a professional event planner (or any professional service), is that they have a clean, modern website that’s informative and engaging. The website is the window into their service, and should reflect many of the ideal qualities listed above.

With these qualities together in your event planner, your special event is in the perfect hands. What do you think? Comment below to let us know which ingredient you think is the most important!


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