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  • Mary Windham

A Behind the Scenes Look into Virtual Event Administration

From the Desk of Mary

Event Manager - Entrepreneur - Adventurer

In 2020 at the height of the pandemic, many organizations were grappling with how best to pivot services, start remote working, and engage with their teams and clients in ways they never had before.

Occasions, Inc. was in a unique position to help companies offer safe events through virtual platforms with their decades of experience planning diverse events, live streaming, and producing quality online experiences.

Case Study

One such organization was the National Bar Association Commercial Law Section (NBA-CLS). This legal group specialized in creating opportunities for Black attorneys across the commercial law field and the United States.

Their hallmark event was the annual Corporate Counsel Conference, which gained dozens of big-ticket sponsors and hundreds of participants from around the country.

In late 2020, they weren’t sure how to pull off their next big event planned for February 2021. The event was a huge part of their fundraising and networking efforts, but they’d never done a virtual event before. They decided to partner with an event organization they already knew to manage the event platform, but they also turned to Occasions, Inc. to manage the critical event administration details.

Administrative Services

Often overlooked in event planning, event administration takes a lot of time and is crucial to a successful outcome. Our unique virtual event experiences made us a perfect fit for this large event, so we jumped right in by setting up and providing:

  • Event Email Address / Event Help

  • Sponsorship Management

  • Website Support & Updates

  • Mailings (Before & After Event)

  • Marketing (Online & Print)

  • Event Communications

  • Extensive Event Coordination & Event Day Support

OI took care of all the minutiae that are so important but time-consuming. Our dedicated team of specialty experts maintained the event website, emailed updates to participants, kept social media updated, marketed sponsorship opportunities, created marketing materials, updated the mobile app, answered all query emails, and mailed out conference goodies before and after the event.

Especially when serving a legal group with a national reach, it was important that every detail be perfect and every communication be fully vetted.

Through the expert coordination and administration of the OI team, the event was a great success with ongoing positive feedback during and after the event from participants, sponsors, partners, and the NBA-CLS alike. The event saw 714 attendees, 53 sponsoring organizations, and over 60 virtual sessions. With engaging elements like a networking lounge, live DJ, and trivia, these three event days were like no other. Learn more about the event at

Flexible Services

No matter what your needs are, OI is here to fill the gaps and create a streamlined experience for you, your vendors, and your guests. From administration to event day management to the full virtual experience, OI can meet your goals!

Contact us today to learn more:

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