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  • Mary Windham

Office 365 Covers Every Angle

From the Desk of Mary

Event Manager - Entrepreneur - Adventurer

Running a successful event management company is a juggling act between staff, vendor partnerships, and client services. A solid foundation and smooth processes are critical for keeping all the balls in the air!

This blog post, we’re highlighting the software we use most frequently: Microsoft Office 365. With so many CRM options, workflow software systems, and event planning technology out there, our team has found that sometimes it’s the most straightforward option that allows the most flexibility and professionalism.

OI’s policy requires a work plan be in place for every project. Tracking logistics and progress is also key for us in providing top-tier quality every time, so we knew we needed a customizable, professional solution that allowed our team to collaborate and create effectively for our clients.

Microsoft to the rescue! Their Office 365 is cloud-based, meaning any team member can access the files anywhere. It’s very secure and easily navigable, so the front-end allows for efficient work and peace of mind. Members of the OI team might find themselves cities or even states away from the main team, so the web conferencing and collaborative editing capabilities of Office 365 are essential.

For the busy executive who needs easy control over her team’s data and access, Office 365’s Enterprise levels create project team sites tailored to your storage, collaboration, and privacy preferences. Office 365 Enterprise levels also offer legal compliance support, voicemail services, encryption, and more.

OI specifically uses Microsoft Office Enterprise 3 in just some of these ways...

  • SharePoint TeamSite for collaboration and task assignments

  • Event planning and schedule tracking tool with a complete timetable, significant milestones, and easily-adjustable views

  • Task management and user delegation

  • Client view with progress and updates

  • Cloud-based project management that keeps OI environmentally-friendly

  • Integration of tasks, calendars, and workflows

Though OI doesn’t have a partnership with Microsoft, we’re happy to tout the benefits of this great project management solution! We’re able to impress our clients again and again with the help of Office 365. Affordable, easy, and effective - how could you go wrong?

Let us know what systems you’re using to manage your businesses, and the pros and cons they offer!

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