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  • Mary Windham

The Trend That Isn't Going Anywhere

From the Desk of Mary

Event Manager - Entrepreneur - Adventurer

As event planners, one of our most important jobs is to stay abreast of industry trends - especially technological advances that help our clients and improve planning. With better technology, our clients stay on top of their game so they can better inform, educate, and/or motivate their audiences efficiently and effectively.

It’s equally important for event planners to have a strong understanding of the latest technology so they can succeed as a relevant player in the industry. Technologically savvy event planners integrate the latest tech with all stages of event management.

In a previous post, I provided a brief glimpse of the way OI uses software like Microsoft 365 not only in our office, but also in our OI Event Planning System. This software has helped OI become a 90% paperless office while simultaneously helping our clients save time and money. Most importantly, we’re able to better help our clients unlock many benefits for their attendees.

Below are three solid benefits to technology that an event planner simply can’t ignore.

Reduce Waste & Environmental Impact

Event managers and planners know that the event planning process creates a lot of waste. From printed materials to packaging, the physical impact can be staggering. In recent years, many groups are working to reduce this waste and improve the sustainability of the event industry. Technology is key for this effort.

As an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, I myself started to become more cognizant of how my company and I were affecting the environment, and turned to technology to improve our processes. Event software and cloud storage can replace the beloved “Event Bible,” an event planner’s binder that includes every logistical event detail from contacts, production schedules, and more. Interactive apps and websites can replace booklets, agendas, surveys, and speaker handouts. Through improved use of these avenues, event planners can be more eco-friendly while clients save thousands of dollars.

Reduce Cost and Time

From video conferences to cloud storage for client files, a modern office is an efficient office.

Incorporating technology into back-office support can streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce cost. Not only does this savings pass on to the client, but having correctly stored data allows the event planner a chance to review and improve processes in the future - something much harder to do if you have to sort through stacks of paper.

In addition, improved communication channels reduce planning mistakes and collaborative files speed up document creation.

Increase Convenience and Attendance

Last, but certainly not least, technology should be utilized for the event itself. In today’s world, your audience wants and expects a modern, tech-forward experience. Conference attendees could download an app with the venue map, agenda, and speakers’ bios right on it. With a single click, the attendee could sign up to receive the presentation after the conference is over, rather than someone illegibly writing their email address on a clipboard.

And for those who can’t attend the conference, bring it to them! Interactive maps, videos, live streaming, webcasting, virtual reality and other options provide an engaging experience even to those at home. By facilitating a complete or hybrid virtual experience, clients reach broader audiences that will be more engaged in the content and more likely to share it with others.

Many exciting new technological options exist for event planners and clients alike. It’s important for any successful event that available tech be considered and implemented throughout the planning process.

What do you think?

Have you used tech in any events recently?

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